VAGINAL TEAR- post coital vaginal laceration

Women usually experience vaginal tears during delivery and not when having sex with their partners.

Post coital vaginal laceration is a situation where parts of the vaginal are ripped apart as a result of vigorous sexual activity.  It has been reported that the vaginal tears are located most frequently in the posterior and lateral walls and in the vault of the vagina, often in the right rather than the left lateral wall.

Due to embarrassing situations,fear and social stigma it is very possible that some women will offer incomplete histories of the events, leading to trauma to the vulva or vagina due to vigorous sexual activity.

Post coital vaginal tear is a well known entity and cases are on the increase. Young women should desist from douching cream and vigorous sexual activity. Douching creams together with men having sex under the influence of alcohol and male potency drugs are the blame for the recent cases of post coital vaginal laceration.

Proliferation of  sex enhancing bitters or drugs due to unregulated advertisements have caused many people to resort to drugs, hence the increase in cases of vaginal tearing. Due to the desire to please their male sex partners a number of women and girls are reportedly buying vaginal douching cream at any cost.

Manufacturers of such creams, advertise that their products are capable of curing vaginal infections as well as keeping the vaginal dry and tight to make men happy during sex. But however,the vaginal has its own natural lubrication and the introduction of unnatural creams only leads to coital infection and tearing.

Cases of men collapsing and dying while ‘performing’ under some of these aphrodisiacs are becoming alarming.

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